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Company Havaldaar Major
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Your are right leolove we should have wished our members Ramadan Kareem, will be care full in future.

As regards deletion let me clarify as a matter of policy NO post is ever deleted or edited by Admins except by original owner of the post.

What we do is just move the post to private area if thare is any objection, then original poster is contacted privately and briefed of our concerns. Most of the time original poster agree with our concerns and post is permanently removed from public view.

At times posts are moved to appropriate forums, which is quite normal.

Only forum where posts gets deleted is gup-shup and that is clearly mentioned. I do agree some of the posts even in Gup Shup are worth preserving, may be we can look into it.

Thank you for your offer, we will certainly approach you if need arises. At present our needs are very modest and thanks to Zahid Sindhu of we do not have any problem. I raised this issue once and he said as long he is in hosting business we need not worry about it. So let us pray that he stays in business so that we do not have any problem and if you really want to help us, next time you are in market do check their prices also.

Nice to hear about your plans to prepare T-Shirts, Caps etc. If you need any help with designing do contact our Shujaat Ali Awan [ will ask him to contact you ] for any help you need. If you need any help with putting up On-line Store do let us know, we can help you to build one [ tip: catch mrkkhattak :) he is real good ] if you do not have one.

Thanks once again for your offer for help, you could help us more by using Linux and Open Source 100%.

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Hello Again

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Hâve á nice day !!

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