Open Source Router Platforms - Part 1: The Hardware

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Open Source Router Platforms - Part 1: The Hardware

Postby faruqkhan » Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:12 am

Open Source Router Platforms - Part 1: The Hardware
The motivations for installing third party firmware on a router are often pretty simple: for adding features, increasing stability, or the desire for a better designed UI. Users either feel restricted by the feature set of the first party firmware, either from a lack of updates by the OEM or simply a perceived value-add from moving to a platform that’s actively being developed. Some of the original desire to move to third party firmware in years past was born out of necessity - a limited number of NAT connection states made use of P2P across some routers impossible without third party software. Other features that drive people to open source distributions include better QoS (Quality of Service) traffic shaping and management, static DHCP functionality, the ability to mount and serve attached storage or printers, compatibility with a wide variety of VPN services, ability to change WiFi Tx power, client status reporting, and even overclocking ... -platforms

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