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Am Back

Postby Dr-Munir » Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:06 pm

I cant believe that I am back here after 5 years!!!. My last visit was in august 2006. I forgot password and despite trying to reset the password, I failed. I did not know of any way to contact the admins too. any how I luckily received this email from the admins about my account activation and I immediately sensed that something has changed over here. So I am back!!!

I hope I will be contributing positively to the community within my limits.


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Re: Am Back

Postby mahin_pk » Thu Sep 08, 2011 7:50 pm

Dr Saheb!

Thanks for quick post, my sincere apologies I am to be blamed for this over sight. :(

Today I started checking members one by one when I noted your as well as some other members status being non-active. The set-up we had selected is "Admin approval " for activation of new account + Change of Email + Change of Password " in all cases the account gets blocked and needs re-activation.

With migration to latest version and some changes [ still under process ] hope this will not happen again. As for contact will add link to secure message box [ Pidder ] to the forum [ it is on our contact us page but with no link at forum it is difficult to locate - will fix that Insha Allah] so that a secure and private message option is available. Once you send message then you could be sure about its delivery.

Thanks once again for your post,


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