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Please post in the correct section of the forum!!

Posted: Sat Jun 12, 2004 7:43 am
by Faraz.Fazil
Hello guyz,

it has been seen...most of the users post their threads in the wrong section.For e.g the most common example are the two general forums.

The first General forum:

[LinuxPakistan General] (General # 1)

This forum is for General discussion about PLUC and Linux in Pakistan.

It has been seen may users post their linux problems here.This General # 1 is not for posting your linux problems.Post them in General # 2...General # 1 is only for discussion about PLUC and linux in pakistan for e.g distro availability in pakistan etc.

[Linux General] (General # 2)

General discussion about Linux, Linux distribution, using Linux etc.
Post your general linux problems here like some messed up linux setting etc. questions related to administration in the administration forum..related to security in security...and all non linux posts in gup shup.

I hope everyone will co-operate and post in the correct forum!!

Thanx for the co-operation (In Advance)