Sata Configuration

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Sata Configuration

Post by torvalds »

Salam ,
I've documentation of SATA support and i can send it to you by email so you can also take the advantage of it.

I'm very lazy in typing such a long article huhhhh! :roll:

Thanks Torvalds
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Post by farhantoqeer »

torvalds wrote:I'm very lazy in typing such a long article huhhhh!
You can use the Copy/Paste for this ;)

I remeber, i remember, I read somwhere a quote of Indra Gandhi
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SATA Problem

Post by amirza »

Faisal can u please send me the document and also tell me do i need drivers for my SATA controller or SATA hard disk.

Atif :?:
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Post by fawad »

torvalds, there are tons of free hosting services that'll let you post HTML pages for free. Also, we have a wiki that you can use. Feel free to use either one and post the link here.
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