python developers needed

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python developers needed

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My company is growing, and needs two Python developers. The current projects are

- adding features to our current website
- migrating a website (~ 12,000 lines of code) from Webkit to Pylons
- adding features to a website hosted with Google App Engine
- adding features to an existing Facebook application
- migrating a website (~ 2,000 lines of code and ~ 1,600 lines of Smarty templates) from PHP to Pylons
- migrating a website (~ 30,000 lines of code) from Zope to Pylons (low priority item)

We have several ideas for a few websites and Facebook applications that we'd like try out in the near future. We also have several projects lined up with an external client, including linking a stock trading system to an XMPP server.

We currently use

- Zope 2.9
- Postgresql 8.2
- Pylons 0.9.6

Almost all our code is written in Python. Many of the web pages use Prototype and/or Scriptaculous, so a good Javascript background is a plus. The ability to understand and troubleshoot problems properly counts more than experience.

Our office is currently located near Liberty, in Lahore. Send your resumes with a cover letter to
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