System Admin required

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System Admin required

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Hello everyone!

NOTE: If you use windows on your home computer then this job is not for you.

As WE is growing WE is looking for a system administrator. So, if you are a person who spend most of his time tweaking, tickling and fingering with Linux, then this job is for you.

- Good internet connection.
- You must have ways to check your emails frequently, and respond to them in reasonable time.
- You must be hardworking.
- You must be fun to work with, as WE is.
- You must be willing to part of team that is going to be a next big thing.
- Love for work, love for linux, love for opensource is must.

Job details:

- This is a work from home job.
- Monthly salary starting from 20K and will increased depending on your work.
- Timings whenever you like, but when you commit something then do it in time. (This is most most important for us).
- Be cool to other people, be constructive. Be a good team player.
- Always available via phone.

Send us your CV with subject "System Administrator" at:

the WebEngies

Even sky is not the limit for hardworking man.
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