A poet is required

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A poet is required

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Hello everyone!

NOTE: If you are ASP developer then we are sorry this job is not for you.

You might have been surprised by the subject, but code is poetry for us and we need few more poets to fulfill our team requirements.

As WE is growing WE is looking for a web developer. So, if you are a person who spend most of his time working on web and is familiar with one of the following then you can apply for the job:

- Django
- TurboGears
- Ruby on Rails
- CakePHP
- Smarty

- You must know how to comment the code and how to indent it (this is must must must).
- Good internet connection.
- You must have ways to check your emails frequently, and respond to them in reasonable time.
- You must be hardworking.
- You must be fun to work with, as we are.
- You must be willing to part of team that is going to be a next big thing.
- Love for work, love for linux, love for opensource is must.

Job details:

- This is a work from home job.
- Monthly salary starting from 20K and will increased depending on your work.
- Timings whenever you like, but when you commit something then do it in time. (This is most most important for us).
- Be cool to other people, be constructive. Be a good team player.
- Always available via phone.

Send us your CV with subject "Web Developer" and code samples at: jobs@webengies.com

the WebEngies

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upill now ur site is not working 8) but you are posting jobs :lol:

Noman Liaquat
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