Kubuntu Feisty 7.04 Alternate install CD available in Lahore

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Kubuntu Feisty 7.04 Alternate install CD available in Lahore

Post by Shahryar »

I have downloaded Kubuntu 7.04 Alternate Install CD for i386. If anyone wants a copy please pm me.

Kubuntu is KDE version of Ubuntu.

Alternate install CD is non-live CD for upgrading and specialized installations and especially suited for new installation in Laptops.

i386 is the most common version. 32 bit operating system not 64 bit.

I will burn it for you at no charge but at your risk of CD damage due to writing fault or power failure (common these days). I would prefer to copy iso to your 1MB pen drive. Image size is 695 MB
Lance Naik
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u can take all sort of ubuntu 7.04 iso s from me too

Post by salmanslick »

hey if anyone want a copy of ubuntu 7.04 fiesty isos i ve got server edition also and the alternate cd install ...infact u can pm me for all sorts of linux :P

phone number 042-7087155
cell 0345 4417770
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