Migrate from Ms exchange 2003 to postfix & ISA to Squid

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Migrate from Ms exchange 2003 to postfix & ISA to Squid

Postby irfanbhatti » Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:06 pm

i want to migrate from Ms exchange 2003 to postfix

in my scenario i have a GC and a Member server


running ADS for user authentication and

my Member server runing

ISA 2004 & Exchange 2003
with smtp relay ( to send mail out side the local domain)


all active directory users using pop3 service for access there mails
(Ms Outlook)

i want to replace ISA with SQUID and Exchange with Postfix

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Postby syedbilalmasaud » Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:36 pm

Dear Irfan,

Its a tricky process but can be achieved if you will do this with proper planning but keep one thing in mind that you will not get al features on outlook after migration like calendar sync , very nice webmail or other features

but postfix will enhance your systems security and make your life easy , at this step you need setup squid and postfix with ADS so that your local users should be able to authenticate in to ADS using squid or postfix .. once you achieve this target than there couple of tools which will help you to migrate all accounts from exchange to outlook

in your case , first you need to create some test machine in which try to connect ADS users with postfix and squid and once you are done with this process you can move ahead with migration

before migration make sure you have tested everything before you will do it on real machine because it will save your time as well as it will help you to do it first attempt and also if you will face any problem you can sort out during migration because you are aware of all setup

there are lot of guides are available , try to google 'postfix with active directory ' you will find lot guides as well same for squid

It will be nice that if you will make your hands wet if still you are not able to do this than this forum is here to help you

best of luck
Cheers :)

:D B I L A L :D

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