Virtual Machine Bandwith Plotting and traffic Volume calc

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Virtual Machine Bandwith Plotting and traffic Volume calc

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Dear All,

I need a good solution with MikroTic or some other thing for the following scenario:

I have an "Intel Modular Server" with built-in Virtualization hyper-visor. I have many Virtual machines running this Hyper-visor. I need to plot the network Bandwidth and total network traffic Volume consumed by each Virtual machine. My all the Virtual Machines are on Live IPs and there is one Cable from our main router to this Server. There is no any intermediate option to plot each VM's Bandwidth or bandwidth volume calculation.
I want to put a "MikroTik Server with 2 network interfaces" between my router and Intel Modular Server, so that the traffic should be passed from this MikroTik server, which does my required tasks. (Or some other good solution).

Any Help in this regard is highly appreciated.
Jazak-Allah for this work.

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