Authenticating Linux system users from Apache/Web

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Authenticating Linux system users from Apache/Web

Post by sevensins »

what I would want to do is to authenticate a linux user via web browser to a centain directory e.g , the .htpasswd one I know but I want to run some cgi scripts that execute some bash scripts and need a valid linux user who is in the sudoers. So in short when the user access his system user should be passed so the cgi scripts executes and in it the command sudo service httpd restart can execute.

I added the apache user in sudoers and it works but I need the linux users..

Any help/suggestion would be much appreciated.

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Post by lambda »

i guess one way to do this would be to create a setuid root program that apache runs when it the user authenticates and hits abc.cgi. the setuid application will setuid(the-username's-uid) and then execute whatever script that needs to run as that user.

might be easier to do than messing with sudo.
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