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permission for user2

Post by usamahashimi »

I have two user i.e user1 and user2. I want to block some softwares for user2 like xmms, firefox, gaim etc but i do not want them block for user1, how can i do this? Also both belong to same group i.e, "users" and distrubution is Kubuntu.
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Post by lambda »

this is not easy to solve. here's a partial solution:

add a group named "appusers", and put user1 in it. then, for every application you want to keep user2 from running, do

chgrp appusers /usr/bin/whatever
chmod o-x /usr/bin/whatever

there are several downsides to this approach.

#1: you have to list all users who can run the application in the appusers group.
#2: when you upgrade packages, and a new version of xmms or whatever is installed, it might install on the system with normal ownerships and permissions, meaning you'd have to run the chgrp/chmod commands again manually. you can probably cheat and put all the commands in a script, and run them automatically on boot or something.
#3: the user can simply download copies of xmms or firefox for your distribution and run them out of his home directory.
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