Gmail Attachments??

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Gmail Attachments??

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I was wondering how to block attachments to gmail. I am running squid 2.7 stab9 with dansguardian 2.10, users authenticated from LDAP. I have configured the POST restrictions in Dansguardian which does block all attachments to hotmail/yahoo etc etc but attachments to gmail continue to upload. I have tried

acl fileupload req_mime_type -i multipart/form-data
acl fileupload req_mime_type -i ^multipart/form-data$

acl UPLIMIT req_header Content-Length [5-9][0-9]{5,}
acl UPMETH method post


but nothing seems to work on it....

any suggestions/pointers would be highly appreciated.


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Post by lambda »

1. watch the squid logs for your ip address
2. go to gmail and attach a file to a message
3. look at the entries you see in the log file
4. you'll either be able to write an acl rule to block the uploads or find out that you can't block them.

seems pretty simple to me.
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