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Mailing List updates

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Sorry for the delayed message. Basically, our was dropped a couple of days ago, and I didn't pay heed when Sajjad Zaidi told me about it. Today, I found it out for myself, so took action to recover. When mailman deletes a list, it takes the list members list and archives with it. So I had to use a backup mbox from the 11/1/2003 (last time I bothered to take a backup). That took care of the message archive. The other problem was restoring the membership. I ran the mbox archive through a couple of shell and perl scripts to get a list of people who've posted to the list in the past. The current list membership is pruned from that list.

If someone's been erroneously subscribed to the list in the process, I'd be glad to help unsubscribe or change the membership options.

Changes in the list

* Address changed from to (although works too)
* Replies go to poster instead of the whole list by default. We're
supposed to be professionals here, so we should be expected to be
able to press Reply All instead of Reply if the message is for the
whole list.
* Hosted on Inspedium servers instead of Nexus.

Please update your procmail rules based on the changes.
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Thanx to taking care

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i am here

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modi :D
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