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Site update

Post by fawad »

On April 20, 2003 the following changes were made to the site:
  • Umar's LinuxPakistan logo was replaced with Shujaat's. Thanks Shujaat.
  • RSS feed capability was added to the forum.
  • Using the RSS feeds from the /news and /forum apps, added a headlines block on the frontpage. It shows you the last 10 topics on the forum and the last 10 news posted.
  • Rearranged the directory structure of the site into a (much more) sane heirarchy.
  • Pruned out outdated banners.
  • The '' on the forum is now clickable. Takes you to the site homepage.
Stuff still on the TODO list (roughly in the order of importance)
  • Create a set of themes based on the new logo for all three apps: postnuke, phpbb, and phpwiki.
  • Consolidate the authentication of postnuke and phpbb into 1.
  • Create member profile page.
If any of you guys are willing to take up any of the above tasks, please do let me know. Other comments and suggestions are also welcome.
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Post by mrkkhattak »


Fawad, as I told you earlier that I would be glad to take part in theme based work of according to the new logo :-)

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