First Pakistani Linux Distribution Released

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First Pakistani Linux Distribution Released

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[b]black | route[/b] is security and forensics analysis linux distribution for x86 compatible architectures. The goal of the project is to create a GNU/Linux distribution for advance users, texttools lovers, network, security specialist and system administrators.

I'm not focusing on desktop or Urdu language because I'm the only one who maintains it. future releases focuses on virtualizations technologies.

[b]black | route[/b] is first complete Linux Distribution from Pakistan. Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka already had there localization distributions. I still not seen any releases from Ubuntu Pakistan Project.

If anyone wan't make distribution that focus on desktop or Urdu support, contact me, lets do it together.

Being an Open Source project without corporate background and without funding, the Black Route project is always looking for new contributors to help with development, web design, translations, support, spreading the word, and more - if you're interested send email to:

[u][b]Project Website:[/b][/u]
URL: [url][/url]
Changelog: [url][/url]
Download: [url][/url]
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