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Job openings related to Opensource, Linux and Unix.
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Linux Software Engineer

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Job Description:
The person must have at least Bachellor or Master's degree in Computer Science.
- At least 3-5 years of LINUX experience- Excellent understanding of GNU compiler and development environment
Development experience in C, C++, Python, XML, JSON, REST, HTML, IPCs like sockets, pipes and shared memory, Multithreaded applications, Servers like Apache and Mysql, Libraries like Live555, ffmpeg, glibc and libpurple, Protocols like HTTP, SIP, RTSP, RTP, TCP and UDP.
Additionally, prior experience of software development C/Linux environment.
Good understanding of protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, etc.

Programming LanguagesC, SQL, Python, Perl, Java
ToolsSMTP, Squid, GNU tools, GCC, GNU/Linux, Parsing
Source ControlsSubversion (SVN)DatabasesMySQL
Interface Protocols & StandardsJSON, HTTPS, HTTP
Operating SystemsLinux System

Contact undersign or send CV to shahzad76 at
Syed Kashif Ali Bukhari
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