cannot access https site from any browser on linux 7.3

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cannot access https site from any browser on linux 7.3

Postby mansoor_chauhan » Mon Jun 30, 2003 8:48 pm

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Postby Faraz.Fazil » Sun Jul 13, 2003 1:18 pm

Maybe and most probably its a problem on ur cable net provider side.Can u access https connections using the same provider from windows?

Are u using any sort of natted gateway?
Have u specified the correct settings for ur cable net in the network daemon?

And are u able to access https sites on linux using a dialup connection?

also make sure u have selected the correct network loopback devices.

Try giving the opera browser for linux a try.

Download a free version for linux from i use it on redhat9 and i can access all protocols including ftp, http, https, news etc etc

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