How many people here know about Taj Nastaleeq?

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Muhammad Saad
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How many people here know about Taj Nastaleeq?

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Taj Nastaleeq is the first ligature based free and open source Nastaleeq font for the Urdu script (The terms "ligature based" and "character based" are mostly used to indicate the dominant technique in the font. For example, Nafees Nastaleeq is referred to as "character based".)
Taj Nastaleeq was released recently on the 9th of November, 2012. The official website is
If you guys like, you can install it on your systems and report if it works nicely on your system configuration.
I hope you already know how to activate the Urdu keyboard which is included by default in xkb data these days, and to install the font which in most modern distros is just a matter of double-click and press "Install".
And sorry if this is not the right section for this topic. I did not want it to be auto-deleted in the Gup Shup section.
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Re: How many people here know about Taj Nastaleeq?

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well its not the right place to share but its a nice share.!
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