Create Your OWN GPS/GSM base Vehicle/Fleet Tracking System

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Create Your OWN GPS/GSM base Vehicle/Fleet Tracking System

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Recently I purchased an GPS tracking device for my car. As I can see its performance is very good, and it provides me quite accurate results of live or history track.of the vehicle movement, but the device has its costs and for web track there are annual charges too. So If I have few vehicles it will be costly to get them all monitored. So just for curiosity I did some R&D and found TRACCAR , which is a Linux base vehicle / fleet / personnel tracking management system , the best thign is its FREE ;) and we all love to have FREE lunch at anyplace, anywhere (if its Legal preferably :)

As I have made this or test purposes, if some is interested and have no experience in linux or want to first try it in easy way, simply install traccar client, and contact me, I will make one account for you on my web server which is live 24 hours, and you can then see its working and performance. Message me if required.

Benefits of TRACCAR and its possible usage …

- Any Vehicle Tracking / maintain history
- SMS base query about location for google maps co ordinates
– Can be used for personnel tracking
– Can be used as a commercial solution as well
– Can be used to track your lost mobile phone
– Maintain History and Track of the device and speed of vehicles
– Many others … ... -in-linux/

Syed Jahanzaib

Syed Jahanzaib
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